Bellevue Hill Residence

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Special features include:

  • Coffered ceilings
  • Cathedral ceilings
  • Elliptical and intricate skylights
  • Curved sprial stairs
  • Intricate wall mouldings
  • Large ornate cornices
  • Recessed blind pelmets
  • Recessed LA Lounge lighting for ceiling and walls
  • Level 5 finishes
  • High / hard access areas


Interior Designer: Blainey North

Plasterboard: Prestigious Plastering

Project Timeline: 24 months

Scope of works: Luxury Residence Bellevue Hill

The country’s leading designer has created this once in a lifetime ultra luxury residence in Bellevue Hill. The 6 level residence is one of a kind, with the highest quality workmanship and impeccable standards applied to every square inch. World renowned style and design are responsible for creating this masterpiece.

Every level has extremely complex and intricate architectural details which combine seamlessly to create a feeling of elegance and leisure. Every minute detail has been accounted for and every aspect of this build compliments the other perfectly. It is clear that the design of this build has been planned with extreme precision and passion.

From a plastering standpoint, every single ceiling, every coffer, every bulkhead and every wall has been meticulously laser levelled and installed with millimetre precision and zero tolerance. It was imperative that every line in the house be 100 % square, parallel and maintain even margins around perimeters. Large intricate cornices with extremely difficult mitres were used throughout. Pre-fabricated off-site plaster profiles were made specifically to create light boxes for LED coffered ceilings and recessed blind pelmets. Hand set level 5 finishes were applied on walls and ceilings affected by glancing and critical light. Wall mouldings, spiral stairs and polished milano ceilings were all some of the unique design elements of this once in a lifetime build. This has by far been our proudest achievement to date. So much effort, so much hard work and so much passion has gone into this beautiful home. We are truly grateful to be a part of it. Thank you Blainey.